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It can be ordered either as a complete desktop driving simulatir, including all hardware, or as softwareonly. Stisim drivedt driving simulator software can be used with offtheshelf hardware, an economical approach many schools are taking. The use of simulation reduced training time in one agency from 19 days to 17 days by replacing classroom bus training with simulator training. You are free to do whatever you want, so you can just enjoy the night view or you can try to. You can create your own perfect ride by customizing the cars wheels and steering. With fullsize replicas of the drivers cabin and a realistic. We also provide custom solutions for specific vehicles. If youre serious about cdl and ongoing commercial driver training, a truck simulator can make the difference.

Effectiveness of commercial motor vehicle driver training curricula and by john f. City car driving simulator is a realistic car simulation game that takes place at night in a beautiful city. It features hundreds of driving scenarios to help target specific driving challenges our students face. The system also provides the option of training with vision blocks for closedhatch driving. Driving essentials, the premier driver training program, is now available on xbox.

We have continued to expand our offerings, so make sure you check out our 2020 simulator range. For parents who are too nervous to practice with their teen, simulator lessons can help train them without any risk. It can be brought to a location of convenience, instead of the drivers traveling to a training center. Retention rates up to 70% better than traditional methods have been proven in academic studies. The driver training module consists of the runtime simulator thats configured for 3 rendering displays left, middle and right plus the driver training curriculum. Everyone should learn to drive in a simulator the verge. Whatever your corporate or teen driver safety program demands, whether it is corporate or teen driver safety, car, semitruck or boat, vdi has a virtual trainer hardware option to meet your unique needs. The simulator provides realistic, realworld driving environments to train drivers how to recognize and anticipate hazardous situations. Drivingmba is the only driving school in arizona that offers driver simulation training. A traditional driving simulator is similar to a virtual reality system, except for the helmet mounted display hmd and head tracking. The software offers complex, unpredictable traffic situations to challenge patients. There is traffic on the road, but there are no pedestrians. Driving simulators and virtual reality driving simulators. Teach dangers of distracted driving and learn how to lower crash rates with our simulationbased driver safety training for teen drivers and corporate fleets.

A virtual instructor narrates the lesson and walks the driver through the. Ckas develops full driver training simulators, for education of domestic drivers or task specific drivers eg, truck driver, bus driver, mining equipment driver, etc. Stisim drive offers complete driving simulator systems including a desktop computer, monitors, logitech steering controller, and driver training consoles. Clearly, this presents an opportunity to further increase driver training in the community through the use of synthetic simulator devices similar to other industries. The interactive driving simulator is a software program that mimics characteristics of an actual vehicle including a steering wheel, accelerator and brake pedal. Apr 03, 2016 driver training in a vr simulator would be very attractive for young learner drivers because of the impressive immersion and the high wow factor. In our drive easy simulator an extremely realistic practical training is waiting for you. Young drivers live through real life consequences of driving distracted or impaired. The simulationbased impaired and distracted driver program was designed and proven to stop destructive driving behaviors. When a good driving simulator is used, accident rate during the two year period after getting the licence, is. Driver training simulators ckas full driving simulators driver safety training simulation.

This will prepare the driver and give them a rough idea to start with. Young drivers are immersed in a personal experience and live through the consequences of their driving decisions. Driver training in a vr simulator would be very attractive for young learner drivers because of the impressive immersion and the high wow factor. Dec 09, 2014 his research found that the group of students who incorporated simulator training had significantly less driving infractions and no car crashes over both time periods, while more than onequarter. Educating drivers on a driving simulator has countless benefits, such as. Simulator training assists drivers in developing the do, not just the know. The simulator based training approach improves critical driving skills, enhances decision making abilities, and increases the safety of your operations. Hyperdrive realistic compact car driving simulators are developed for commercial driver training simulator, university and medical driving simulator research, practical driving test or driver assessment which are used to replicate city driving and open road driving training scenarios. As new drivers face dangerous situations on the road, it is important they not only know what to do, but that they do what is necessary as they encounter driving hazards. Apr 05, 2016 so, in conclusion, driver training in a simulator brings a lot of advantages. Utilization of driving simulators in driving schools in germany. The faac tt truck driver training simulator is designed to give both new and veteran operators a meaningful training experience. For written test preparation, take a look online for the us. Driving simulator software for initial driver education.

Simulator courses are not required by the state of california. Young children can play on the program in advance and licensed drivers can improve their driving skills like parallel parking, and driving with a trailer attached. For driver training in driving schools and driver education in secondary schools this school. Many other driving simulator accessories, including high quality steering wheels, simulator seats, and driver gloves. Our driver training services is a scalable and versatile offering that is adaptive and flexible not only to each fleet but to each driver. This is not a game, but a real driver training program which, until now, was only offered on larger simulator systems. Professional driving simulators for trucks, cars, buses and specialty vehicles for driver training, rehabilitation, evaluation and research. The drive square driving simulator is portable and easy to use. Check the following post to see how driving simulator training actually works. This is a fun driver education simulator game for kids or big kids. Use the arrow keys as your steering wheel to move your car around. The drive square simulation system is a driving simulator that allows trainees to drive in a real car on a virtual road.

Aplusbsoftware professional truck and car driving simulator. It is an established fact that driving simulators, during novice driver training, may greatly enhance safe driving. Whatever your corporate or teen driver safety program demands, whether it is corporate or teen driver safety, car, semitruck or boat, vdi has a virtual trainer hardware option to meet your. About drive square driving simulation our mission to make simulation training available to every driver thereby reducing accidentrelated costs and saving lives motor vehicle accidents in the us currently take over 40,000 lives every year. We use state of the art driving simulators to prepare teens for unexpected. All drivers can be trained in a familiar vehicle, such as a police cruiser, ambulance or a fire truck. Personal computer users can have their scanning and decisionmaking skills diagnosed and compared to realworld data gathered by the developers. Vr driver training has been proven to teach drivers specific skills using a fullyimmersive environment that only vr can offer. In addition to the handson simulation experience, witc instructors have reallife experience and curriculum in driver safety and motor vehicle safety programs. A new type of driving simulator based on a car modified for virtual training of learner drivers in advance and an automatic feedback is to help meet this demand.

Weve designed, engineered, manufactured and installed our drivings simulators throughout the world. Driving essentials offers a complete training program for novice and newly licensed drivers. Simulation training reinforces positive decision making in a realistic, riskfree environment, thus reducing the likelihood of preventable accidents. However, traditional driver training in a learner car may not be the most optimal way to learn to drive a car safely, in some respects. Driver training stisim drivedt driver training software and simulator systems are engineered to complement current driver training courses and to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of your program. In australia, as with most countries around the world, driver training for domestic and commercial vehicles is usually limited to practice in real vehicles under real conditions with other real drivers. Simulator systems international is an innovative leader in novice and advanced driver training simulators. The simulation based impaired and distracted driver program was designed and proven to stop destructive driving. Driving simulator for police, fire, ambulance ems training. Ambulance and fire engine drivers can also practice in a simulator in the. Driving simulators united states simulator systems. You are free to do whatever you want, so you can just enjoy the night view or you can try to crash every car out there.

City car driving simulator play city car driving simulator. Carsim and trucksim are being used in a wide variety of driving simulators. St software car driving simulator for driver training, assessment and. Training on the simulator keeps vehicles on the road and earning revenue. We also provide custom solutions for specific vehicles and training needs. This is an old 20 promotional video for our driving simulators. Whether for occupational therapy assessment and rehabilitation, driver training, or driver research, the versatile stisim drive car driving simulator brings you a new level of flexibility, ease and analytical insight. Driver training and traffic safety driving simulator.

Vbs3 provides the highfidelity image generation for the driver training simulator, bringing added immersion, said hansheinrich meyer, senior vice president land simulation. The simulator sensors are then attached to the pedals and other controls. Driver training simulators flight simulators, driving. Most simulators are used for initial driver training in driving schools. Driving simulator wisconsin indianhead technical college. Driving simulators sdt simulator driver training youtube. Driver safety australia launched australias first driving simulator that puts student and fleet drivers in realistic australian onroad situations. In another agency, using simulation reduced training time by 5 days. The advantages of using a driving simulator for driver training. Car driver training simulator software for training of driving skills, varying from basic vehicle control to driving in complex traffic environments and night, rain, fog, etc.

Virtual driving instructor and closetoreality driving simulator kit. When not using the simulator for evo training, take it to your local school to show teenagers the dangers of drunk driving, cell phone use and texting. Zen driving simulator zen ds is a versatile indoor, classroom driver training simulator. If you want a lowcost turnkey driving simulator from mechanical simulation, you can get carsim ds or trucksim ds. Training provided by a commercial driving simulator is safer and more cost effective than traditional ontheroad training. First, the trainee sets his vehicle up on a pair of turnplates. Driving simulator software for pc for driver training and testing. At driver training services we dont just teach the test we have programs to precisely meet your needs, incorporating online theory, classroom training, behindthewheel instruction and simulator experience. Driving simulators are used for entertainment as well as in training of driver s education courses taught in educational institutions and private businesses. Virtual reality is the new reality for truck driver training. Some of our law enforcement customers use the simulator as a part of the d. Jul 01, 20 this is an old 20 promotional video for our driving simulators.

If you need highly portable or highly impressive or somewhere in between we have choices for all types of uses. After the simulator training phase, the trainee can start driving in a learner car with much more self confidence, because the most important driving skills have already been learned. A traditional driving simulator is similar to a virtual reality system, except for the helmet. Simulationbased training allows you to expose your drivers to various challenging and hazardladen scenarios in a controlled environment.

St software car driving simulator for driver training. Even i believe that car driving should be initially taught using virtual reality driver training simulator. Wonderful article it is really fruitful and smart to train the truck drivers on driving training simulator. Carnetsoft car driving simulator for training, assessment and. Simulation based training allows you to expose your drivers to various challenging and hazardladen scenarios in a controlled environment. Pdf the use of simulators in basic driver training researchgate. Virage simulation designs and manufactures driving simulator systems and courseware including our award winning golden tm training programs for cdl. Carnetsoft car driving simulator for training, assessment. We offer the program as enhancement and reinforcement to the training required for licensure. You may even qualify for local, state or federal grant money to purchase the simulator.

Adas are technologies that provide drivers with essential information or take over demanding driving tasks driving, training and school researchgate, the. Select a driving instructor and try the practice lessons or go straight to your driving test. Driver training center learn to drive on a simulation training systems for. The basic system is supplied with a single instructor station and a driver station but it has facility to control up to 10 driver stations of various combinations of. The driver wears virtual reality goggles to experience a variety of driving situations. Additionally, simulation training conducted with the ats line of simulators introduces our patented and selfpaced approach, emphasizing safety and. A large range of educational modules has been developed with professionals to meet the expectation of instructors and learners. Others note that for simulation to be adopted, states could mandate drivers get better training, which would increase costs for driver training but save lives in the long term. Evidence of multiple benefits from driving simulator training. Cdl simulator commercial truck driver training simulation. This high tech innovation brings to driver training the simulation technologies employed by nasa, airline and fighter pilots and even surgeons. Lindsey and barron 2008 found that emergency vehicle drivers trained on a driving simulator, compared to drivers who received only invehicle training, took significantly less time to drive through the competency course, acquired significantly fewer penalty points and required significantly fewer runs to complete the course. Simulation based training is a proven enhancement for driver training and periodic assessment and reinforcement, allowing entities to conduct practical realworld training efficiently and safely. Realize fuel savings through better fuel management training.

Our state of the art simulator has something for everyone. Why are driver simulators seen as potentially very effective training devices. Simulation after you select the software titles that work best for your safety program needs, it is time to focus on what hardware solution is needed. In the last few years the use of simulators in training of professional drivers has gained much attention among train operators and emergency operators. Simulation training systems for car driving eca group.

Automatic recording and storage of driver performance and summary display at the end of each scenario. Create near miss experiences to train drivers for specific conditions or deliver lessons people wont forget in a hurry when it comes to dangerous driving practices. Sparco sports seat with a seat belt is like the one of a driver in a car. Alcohol and drug goggles to use with driving simulator in order to actually feel the result of driving and drinking. Driver training simulator driving simulators and driver. The simulator of light, medium and heavy vehicles come with the option of either left or right hand drive. Virtual driver interactive driver training simulator.

Defensive driving simulator training srp environmental. One simple decision is vdis attitudes and behavior based driver training program. We use state of the art driving simulators to prepare teens for unexpected situations. If a part of driver training is administered in a driver training simulator, especially the extensive practice of individual driving tasks, results can be improved drastically. Driving simulator ds, 3d basic car training simulator. Simuride he is great for preparing for a driver s test. Realtime technologies rdsmodular driving simulator is a turnkey driving simulation platform that can be applied to research, training, or automotive product development programs. The driving experience is designed to complement the existing requirements for driver s education and driver s training. Faacs truck driver training simulator is unlike any other training, testing or development tool available today. Driving simulator has tremendously gained popularity over the years as they have proven to be a practical and effective tool that promotes safe driving techniques to drivers around the world however there are different types. The simulator is a multilingual program that offers a realistic driving experience using 3d graphics, realtolife physics and control response. For training purpos es, a very realistic imitation of reality can even.

This helps them to get a road like experience and feel and they are well trained. Simulation based training modules have been designed specifically to. Simulation training systems for car driving includes all necessary elements to. Benefits of driving simulators for driver training site. As an industry leader in training services we do not focus merely on manufacturing and supporting bestinclass training products or training tools. Driving simulators for driver training, drivers education. Aug 16, 2006 an overview of a driving simulator software program released in early 2000. Drivers ed game online,driver education simulator games. Compared to driving lessons in a car on the road, driving simulators have several. They are also used for research purposes in the area of human factors and medical research, to monitor driver behavior, performance, and attention and in the car industry to design and evaluate new vehicles or new advanced driver.

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