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Surface texture depth by sand patch method bs598 part 105. Standard test procedure for measurement of texture by the sand. The measurements were made in connection with a complete factorial field experiment involving four texturing methods used on two sections each of five different paving jobs. Sand used for one test should not be reused for another test. Steve narvais, a technician in the field services section of the wydot materials program cheyenne demonstrates the test. Ensure the pavement surface is clear of debris by sweeping the surface with a small brush. Dropping over 1,000 feet 300 m in about 20 miles 32 km and with grades as much as 2%, sand p atch grade is one of the steepest railroad grades on the east coast. Scope this test procedure covers the determination of the average texture depth of a paved surface using sand to give the volume of voids. The test method based on surface profiles, as described in iso 4731 mpd.

The following test methods for macrotexture depth evaluation were analyzed in the experiment. The method is suitable for bituminous surface course and concrete pavement surface with texture depth greater than 0. If the concrete pavement has not been subjected to traffic, scrub the test surface with a wire. For textured pavement surfaces with texture depths ranging from 0. The sand patch test is used by many state highway agencies in the united states to. The method is suitable for the measurement of surfaces with average texture depths greater than 0. The analysis permitted estimates of the repeatability and reproducibility of the sand patch test, as well as errors that can be expected in measuring the mean texture depths of a section of textured pavement. This video demonstrates the sand patch test used to measure macro texture on pavement in accordance with mp 401. With regard to the sand patch test results provided by breedon, answers appreciated to the following questions which i have numbered consecutively from my previous submission also under a foi environmental information scotland regulations 2004 eirs request. The volumetric patch technique, as described in en 361 mtd and the sand patch method astm e965. Spread the sand with the spreading disc to form a circular patch. Test area is to be clear of cracking and the pavement area must be dry.

The knowledge of pavement macrotexture depth serves as a tool in characterizing the. This test procedure covers the determination of the average texture depth of a. Try not to let the last bit of sand tail off but keep the finishing line as straight and regular as possible. Btw is there a limit to the height of the texture for a passing or failing range. This test is described in the wydot materials testing manual mtm, section 230. Performing sand patch test on the road surfaces, made variety is concerned, they. The test utilises the same apparatus for concrete or bituminous. Guidance notes on road testing highways department. The following training video shows how to perform the macrotexture test for pavements otherwise known as the sand patch test. Figure 1 example of streaking in an asphalt surface treatment.

The following table describes steps used in the sandpatch method of measuring the texture depth of concrete surfaces. Sand pat ch grade is an approximately 100milelong 160 km section o f railroad tra ck known for its steep grades and curves through the allegheny mountains of pennsylvania and maryland. Standard test procedure for measurement of texture by the. This method describes a procedure for determining the average texture depth of a selected portion of a concrete pavement. Doctor of philosophy, department of civil 1 almansour, a. This test method is used to assess the surface texture depth the. Sand patch test 50cc spread uniformly to calculate texture. A known volume of sand, is measured and then poured onto the road surface to form a cone, using the measuring cylinder. Because pavement skid resistance is tied to surface macrotexture, some methods seek to measure a pavements macrotexture then correlate it with skid resistance as measured by some other, more traditional method. Accurate sand patch testing cannot be carried out when road surface is sticky or wet.

The test utilises the same apparatus for concrete or bituminous road surfaces. Texture sand patch general description this test method is suitable for field tests to determine the average macrotexture depth of a pavement surface. The simplest surface texture measurement is the sand patch test astm e 965. Tex436a, measuring texture depth by the sand patch method section 2 apparatus texas department of transportation 3 08990608 section 2 apparatus the following apparatus is required. Measuring texture depth by the sandpatch method step action 1 the pavement surface selected for test must be dry. The road surface texture can be measured by sand patch method. Draft tmh6 special methods for testing methods 1984. Pdf using a new zealand performance specification to evaluate. Civil, construction, and environmental engineering, doctor of philosophy dissertation. Tex436a, measuring texture depth by the sand patch method. Pdf the effect of surface texture on skid resistance of asphalt. Calculate the texture depth of each individual test to the nearest 0.

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