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Environment agency environmental performance assessment. If none of the lower tier criteria apply, a person or organisation will be in the upper tier. Home waste transfer notes waste transfer note, environment agency style. Environment agency environmental performance assessment epa methodology version 3 if you have any queries regarding this methodology please contact keith davis, regulatory development manager, keith. Environmental permitting england and wales regulations 2010. Electronic duty of care edoc the new way to record waste transfers. Postcode sic code 2007 section c person collecting the waste. Briefing on the regulation of waste wood version 2, november 2014 and our position on the environmental. Guidance on how to complete a waste transfer note including what a waste transfer. If you send nonhazardous waste containing any amount of gypsum to landfill it must go to a separate cell for high sulphate waste, or to a nonhazardous landfill where no biodegradable waste is accepted. If you have an annual document then no individual transfer notes. Conditions may be attached to the for degassing of airconditioning systems. The consignment note procedure is set out in the hazardous waste wales regulations 2005 as amended and must be followed by all the parties in the waste movement. Environment agency hwr03a consignment notes standard procedure.

A hazardous waste consignment note hwcn is a document that details the transfer of hazardous waste from one person to another. Duty of care waste transfer note printing personalised. Environment agency and gives the agency and authorised officers of a waste collection authority power to seize vehicles used for illegal waste related activities. Both the environment agency and local authorities administer the act, with the environment agency working to ensure that no pollution occurs and local authorities dealing with issues relating to public nuisance. Currently, relevant measures and standards for permitted facilities that take chemical waste for treatment or transfer are set out in published technical guidance note epr 5. Hazardous waste must not be mixed with general waste, composting or recycling. We can also assist with fully custom waste transfer notes for your specific requirements. Waste transfer from january 2014 waste transfer today wrap. A completed consignment note must accompany hazardous waste when moved from any premises.

Located, designed, and operated to ensure the public health, safety, and welfare of the community and environment. I enclose a copy of your permit and standard rules lists. This file may not be suitable for users of assistive technology. Where the waste is collected from a registered producer the note. A note is needed for all movements of hazardous waste, including. Officers regulating waste wood and waste operators conducting waste. Transfer station the environment agency, in pursuance of part n of the environmental protection act 1990, hereby grant a waste management licence authorising the keeping and treatment of controlled waste. Alternatives to waste transfer notes and other aspects of waste. Notice of transfer and environment agency initiated. Transfer application number eprfb3608kdt001 1 notice of transfer and environment agency initiated variation with introductory note. Custom waste transfer note with your logo, company name and contact details environment agency style forms with your logo, contact details and carrier number.

These collections are undertaken by the city of londons hazardous waste. Page 6 policy for the safe handling and disposal of healthcare waste v3 3 definitions government agencies and documentation 3. If you arent able to access these phone our customer contact centre for help on 03708 506 506. Consignment note hwcn01v112 form hwcn01v112 component concentration % or mgkg 1 consignment note code. The environment agency ea provides an example waste transfer note on its website. Scotland asbestos waste is special waste when it contains more than 0. Environment a agency notice of transfer with introductory. Personalised duty of care waste transfer note with your logo, company name and contact details environment agency style forms with your logo, contact details and carrier number. The consignment note number to be completed in part a1 of the note must follow the format set out below. Agency sepa and the northern ireland environment agency niea have. Section a description of waste a1 description of the waste being transferred list of waste regulations codes duty of care. Contact the scottish environment protection agency for more information. An example waste transfer note can be found on and downloaded from the environment agency.

A waste transfer note wtn is a document that details the transfer of waste from one person to another. Repeated transfers of the same kind of waste between the same parties can be covered by one transfer note for up to a year. Transfer waste from your business without creating a waste transfer note fail to keep waste transfer notes for at least two years put your waste in a street litter bin or through the councils household waste. When you collect waste from someone else, ensure you are authorised to take it and provide the person with a waste transfer note. The hazardous waste transfer note forms part of the waste duty of care. Waste transfer notes and how to complete them netregs. Form for a duty of care waste transfer note for moving waste.

Using the list of wastes to code waste 360 environmental. A waste transfer note wtn is a standalone document that records the. Adlib glossary c consignment notes waste transfer notes. Please note that the council does not collect hazardous waste. Waste transfer notes must be obtained for all waste leaving your premises, which could be either an individual waste transfer note per collection or an annual waste transfer note season ticket valid for 12 months as long as the specifics of the waste transfer remain the same. You must ensure every load of waste you receive or pass to others is covered by a wtn. Environment agency website, by using the search function and searching for waste transfer codes. What is a hazardous waste consignment note dsposal. A copy of each transfer note shall be kept for 2 years. A lower tier carrier may also include a waste collection, disposal or regulation authority. If you would like to check a waste carriers registration contact the environment agency. When a business transfers waste to another party, the transfer should be recorded by a waste transfer note. It results in 25 million transfer notes being produced a year with around 50 million pieces of paper being stored by business in filing cabinets, boxes, etc.

You will need to add a declaration on your duty of care waste transfer notes. Waste that is harmful to human health or the natural environment is known as hazardous waste in northern ireland and special waste in scotland. A waste transfer note is a document which must accompany every. We can also assist with fully custom duty of care waste transfer note for your specific requirements. The environment agency has produced a sample waste transfer note which. If you transport yours or other peoples waste during the operation of your business you will need to register with the environment agency as a waste carrier. How to complete a waste transfer note the environment agency has produced a sample waste transfer note which contains all the information necessary to comply with waste legislation, available. A completed consignment note must accompany hazardous waste when. Who provides the transfer note is not important as long as it contains the right information.

Example waste transfer note for use by a waste carrier. Plaster and plasterboard used in construction netregs. Higher education the 6 digit waste code see ewc list quantity to be removed, and collection sign the top copy of the waste transfer note and retain for two years non hazardous waste if the above evidence cannot be validated, do not transfer the waste. The special waste amendment scotland regulations 2004 apply. Ea this is the regulatory body responsible for environmental regulation including waste in england a wales 3. Pollution inventory reporting general guidance notes. The only exception is when you receive household waste directly from the householder who produced it, but you will need a wtn when you pass that waste. You must dispose of gypsumbased materials that are classified as hazardous waste in a hazardous waste.

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