Nnntascam dr-40 manual portugues pdf

The dr40 is a handheld linear pcm digital recorder from tascam featuring. Cautions about batteries this product uses batteries. Dicas 001 tascam dr40 gravadores digitais e gambiarras. The dr40 is equipped with adjustable unidirectional microphones that can be used for recording in both the ab position and xy position.

Please read this owners manual carefully in order to maximize your use of all the units features. Tascam psp520e, or usb bus power i tripod attachment screwhole built into unit i two balanced micline inputs xlrtrs combo jacks i usb audio interface functions i dictation playback mode i overwrite recording function conventions used in this manual the following conventions are used in this manual. Dr40 linear pcm recorder d01157920a owners manual this device has a serial number located on the bottom panel. View and download tascam dr40 reference manual online.

Misuse of batteries could cause a leak, rupture or other trouble. The unit receives a sound note from a musical instrument and allows you to tune it accurately when the tuner screen is open, press the entermark on the tuning meter shown in the display. Advanced microphone placing allows for a wide stereo sound recording or a clear stereo sound recording with less phase difference, making it possible to achieve professional quality recordings. Hello my internet friends hit that subscribe button. After you have finished reading this manual, please keep it in a safe place for future reference. View and download tascam dr40 owners manual online. Driverdoc automatically downloads and updates your dr40 driver, ensuring you are installing the correct version for your operating system. Please read this owners manual carefully in with id3 tag v2.

This portable audio recorder offers adjustable stereo mics, combo xlr 14 external inputs, an overdub mode, a dual mode, and more. Tascam dr40 portable digital solid state sound recorder. Gravador tascam dr40 revenda autorizada cnf garantia. Thank you very much for purchasing the tascam dr40 linear. Novice windows users are recommended to use a driver update utility like driverdoc to assist in updating tascam digital audio recorder device drivers. Quem conhece sabe a qualidade dos produtos da tascam. Thank you very much for purchasing the tascam dr40xintroduction linear pcm recorder.

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