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Leaf and stem microscopic identification of tithonia diversifolia hemsl. As our continuing research on antidiabetic active metabolites from t. Lomahan department of biology, college of science, university of the philippines, baguio city, philippines 2600 corresponding author. Diabetes is a disorder of carbohydrate, fat and protein. Gray growing on sites exposed to vehicular emissions liezel m. While popular as a fast growing ornamental in regions where it can be grown, tithonia diversifolia was once one of the medicinal plants used by the indigenous peoples of the americas. Depending on the area they may be either annual or. In other world regions, tithonia diversifolia is consumed orally to treat microbiological infections, snake bites, malaria and diabetes chagaspaula et al. Although agnew 1974 reported that the only member of the genus found in africa is t. Also widely naturalised throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the world, including southeastern usa i. Jamu paitan daun tithonia dipercaya ampuh untuk mengobati penyakit berbahaya diabetes mellitus. The plants flowers are a favorite of bees and african farmers have many uses for the plant, the most popular use being as an organic fertilizer for vegetable crops in either compost or a tea form.

Tithonia diversifolia commonly called wild sunflower or tree marigold, a member of the asteraceae family, is one of the medicinal plants under consideration. The number of individuals with diabetes is increasing due to population growth, aging, urbanization and increasing prevalence of obesity and physical inactivity. Lab studies indicate both positive and negative results. An infusion of tithonia diversifolia leaves has been used in some folk medicines as a treatment for a wide range of maladies, including diabetes, cholesterol, sore throat and measles. Gray asteraceae is a 25 m tall perennial shrub, which is native to mexico and also grows in other countries of north america, and in parts of africa and asia 4. Two new monoterpenes from tithonia diversifolia and their. Ethanol extract of tithonia diversifolia hemsley a gray standardized ameliorates. Proximate composition and phytochemical constituents of. The record derives from tica data supplied on 20120211.

The herbaecous mass can develop from subterranean stolons. Japanese sunflower tithonia diversifolia has leaves with 37 pointed lobes. The bolivian sunflower, or tithonia diversifolia, is the mexican sunflowers giant relative, reaching heights as great as 15 ft 5 m and stretching as far as 12 ft 3. Locally known as jogbo or agbale among the yorubas and izondiri in some eastern parts of the country, researchers have found it to be effective in the treatment and prevention of malaria. Repeateddose toxicological studies of tithonia diversifolia hemsl. Request pdf antidiabetic effect of nitobegiku, the herb tithonia diversifolia, in kkay diabetic mice nitobegiku the herb of tithonia. Diabetes mellitus is a state of chronic hyperglycemia which causes various complications. Mexican sunflower tithonia diversifolia feedipedia. Tithonia diversifolia is a perennial native of mexico and central america and is cultivated for its beautiful flowers and enormous size. What are the medical uses of tithonia diversifolia. Tithonia diversifolia, a shrub in the family asteraceae, is widely distributed along farm boundaries in the humid and subhumid tropics of africa. Introduced in indian subcontinent, china including taiwan, indochina, malesia, africa tropical, usa southern, caribbean, south america northern, new guinea, australia. Bibliography on tithonia diversifolia, mexican sunflower.

Pdf novel anthraquinone derivatives produced by phoma. Chronic hyperglycemia in diabetes is associated with longterm damage. Solanum americanum, and tithonia diversifolia hem a. Leaf and stem microscopic identification of tithonia diversifolia. Various studies have shown that diabetes mellitus is associated with increased the formation of free radicals and. Gray is an accepted name this name is the accepted name of a species in the genus tithonia family compositae. Another study shows promising results as an antiinflammatory and analgesic.

The website also provides access to a database and images of herbarium specimens found at the university of south florida and other herbaria. Traditionally, the tithonia diversifolia hemsley a gray leaf has long been used for the treatment of diabetes. Aktivitas ekstrak daun tithonia diversifolia terhadap. Wild sunflower, tithonia diversifolia, shrub sunflower, wang ye kui herbal medicine an illustrated compilation of philippine medicinal plants by dr godofredo umali stuart with botanical information, chemical properties, folkloric uses and medicinal research studies. General information mexican sunflower is a robust plant that can vary significantly in habit. Three new germacrane sesquiterpenes obtained from tithonia diversifolia, significantly increase glucose uptake without significant toxic effects. Aktivitas ekstrak daun tithonia diversifolia terhadap regulasi kadar adiponektin pada diabetes melitus tikus putih wistar. The genus tithonia is made up of 11 species all of which originate from mexico, central america and cuba arias et al. When time and funding permit, each flower each plant species will have its own page, and its own pdf, and eventually its own ppt so that professors and students have plenty of material on guatemala and honduras, etc to study. The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of the t. Use of tithonia diversifolia in poultry feeding 223 2. There is increasing interest on the in vivo protective effects of natural compounds contained in plants against oxidative damage caused from reactive oxygen species. Tithonia diversifolia, sunflower tree, tree marigold, wild.

Final remarks 231 references 232 chapter xiii feeding of cattle, sheep and goats with tithonia diversifolia in latin america and the caribbean 237 introduction 237 1. According to recent estimates, the greatest absolute increase in the number of patients with diabetes will be in india and the total number is projected to 79. Tithonia rotundifolia torch, tithonia speciosa torch, tithonia diversifolia. Tithonia diversifolia titdioverview eppo global database. In this work, we investigate the influence of different abiotic environmental factors on. Nitobegiku, the herb tithonia diversifolia, chrysanthemum was used as a decoration for the emperor in china in ancient times. Proximate composition and phytochemical constituents of aspilia africana pers c.

Leaves ovate or ovatetriangular or suborbicular, capitate, terminal on long peduncle of pseudoaxillary. Materials and methods collection of plant material and identification leaves of tithonia diversifolia hemsl. Pdf diabetes mellitus is a state of chronic hyperglycemia which causes various complications. The plant is widely used in several countries such as costa rica, democratic republic of congo, kenya, nigeria, mexico, the philippines, sao tome and principe, taiwan, uganda, and venezuela to traditionally treat numerous diseases including diabetes, malaria, snake bite, measles. Antioxidant and hypoglycemic effects of tithonia diversifolia aqueous leaves extract in alloxaninduced diabetic mice abstract diabetes is a chronic disease cause the metabolic disorder and associated with serious complications. Diabetes mellitus is a state of chronic hyperglycemia which causes various.

Tithonia diversifolia is a species of flowering plant in the family asteraceae that is commonly known as the tree marigold, mexican tournesol, mexican sunflower, japanese sunflower or nitobe chrysanthemum. Pdf ethanol extract of tithonia diversifolia hemsley a gray. These findings indicate the toxicity of tithonia diversifolia in longterm oral administrations by the population. Gray has been used as a medicinal plant for diabetes. Japanese sunflower tithonia diversifolia is widely naturalised in the coastal districts of queensland and northern new south wales. General information about tithonia diversifolia titdi mexico, central america. The plant is widely used in several countries such as costa rica, democratic republic. Tithonia diversifolia is a shrublike perennial or annual invasive plant, native to north and central america. Skripsi ini disusun untuk memenuhi salah satu syarat memperoleh gelar. The use of two organic resources, tithonia diversifolia tithonia and senna spectabilis senna leaves, and their combination with inorganic p for improving soil fertility and maize yields was. Green biomass of tithonia has been recognized as an effective source of nutrients for lowland rice oryza sativa in asia and more recently for maize zea mays and vegetables in eastern and southern africa. Asteraceae compositae sunflower tree, tree marigold, wild sunflower. Nitobegiku the herb of tithonia diversifolia hemsl a. Effect of the environment on the secondary metabolic.

Tithonia diversifolia is a prolific seeder which retains its seeds until the plant dries in the dry season when the seeds disperse and are spread by wind, water and the movement of people, livestock and vehicles. Leaf and stem microscopic identification of tithonia. Plants profile for tithonia diversifolia tree marigold. The atlas of florida plants provides a source of information for the distribution of plants within the state and taxonomic information. Tithonia diversifolia 10% pada tikus jantan galur wistar terinduksi streptozotosin. Ethanol extract of tithonia diversifolia hemsley a gray. Department of botany and ecological studies, faculty of science, university of uyo, p. Hypoglycaemic and hypolipidaemic effects of the aqueous leaf. Three known anthraquinones 1,7dihydroxy3methyl9,10anthraquinone, 1,6dihydroxy3methyl9,10anthraquinone and 1hydroxy3methyl9,10anthraquinone, one new anthraquinone 1,7dihydroxy3hydroxymethyl9,10anthraquinone, and two new. Antiemetic activity of tithonia diversifolia hemsl.

Antioxidant and hypoglycemic effects of tithonia diversifolia aqueous leaves extract in alloxan induced diabetic mice. Tithonia diversifolia as a green manure for soil fertility. List of various diseases cured by tithonia diversifolia. Daun insulin tithonia diversifolia untuk pengobatan. Tithonia diversifolia is an invasive weed commonly found in tropical ecosystems.

Fast growing big shrub or tree with sunflowerlike flowers. Mexican sunflower nectar flower favorite for monarchs. It has a taproot with many fine secondary roots mwango et al. Tithonia diversifolia herb uses, benefits, cures, side. Japanese sunflower tithonia diversifolia is similar to mexican sunflower tithonia rotundifolia, wild sunflower helianthus annuus and crownbeard verbesina encelioides. The antidiabetic effect of an 80% ethanol extract of nitobegiku td was investigated in kkaymice, an animal model of type 2 diabetes. Tanaman ini dimanfaatkan daunnya untuk dijadikan jamu paitan karena rasanya sangat pahit.

Wild sunflower, tithonia diversifolia, shrub sunflower. Sometimes an unbranched or sparselybranched annual, it can also be a shortlived perennial, or the plant can become shrublike with more or less woody stems. Gray asteraceae is widely used in traditional medicine. Names of tithonia diversifolia in various languages of. These species can be distinguished by the following differences. Annual plant perennial flower for usda hardiness zones 1011 tithonia diversifolia is hardy to zone 9a. It is native to mexico and central america but has a nearly pantropical distribution as an introduced species. Antidiabetic effect of nitobegiku, the herb tithonia diversifolia, in kk.

Diabetes melitus is a group of metabolic diseases characterized by hyperglycemia due to lack of insulin secretion or insulin activity resistance. Diabetes mellitus is a serious and chronic disease that occurs either when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin a hormone that regulates blood sugar, or when the body can. Antidiabetic effect of nitobegiku, the herb tithonia. Good choice when you need to hide an ugly wall or fence or make privacy in a short time period. How tithonia diversifolia is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. Heliantheae, known as mexican sunflower, is a native plant of mexico and central america 1.

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